Tabernacle Prayer Video

This is one of the videos from the Tabernacle Prayer School. Please note that it is best watched on computer as on some phones the sound quality is compromised because mobile devices default to the 360p version of the video. If you do experience sound problems on your phone try plugging in earphones as this […]

The Dwelling Place of God

When God spoke of the place of His abiding He told His servant David: “I have not dwelt in a house since the time that I brought up Israel, even to this day, but have gone from tent to tent, and from one tabernacle to another.” (1Chronicles 17:5 NKJV) Throughout history God has ensured that […]

The Altar of Incense – A Place Of Praise, Worship and Intercession

In the warmth and fellowship of the sanctuary we stand as priests unto our God, flanked by the Holy Spirit and our High Priest, Jesus Christ. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus stands in the midst of His brethren offering praises to the Father. “For He says, I will declare Your [the Father’s] name to […]

Washing At The Laver

The dust of the world was washed away from the priests body here at the laver. After securing forgiveness through the substitutionary sacrifice, justification, the next element of the tabernacle furniture was the brazen laver. Here the practical implications of obedience to the new nature of righteousness is appropriated – sanctification. The laver, revealingly, was […]

The Brazen Altar – Coming Through the Cross

Without doubt, one of the most powerful parts of the tabernacle temple prayer pattern is the reality that the brazen altar of the old tabernacle in the wilderness represents the place of ultimate sacrifice – the cross of Jesus Christ. The Cross is the place where the old is exchanged for the new, where sins […]

A New and Living Way Into God’s Presence

A New and Living way Into God’s Presence In the Old Testament we discover many chapters dedicated to the plans and building of the Tabernacle of Moses. This was to be the place of God’s abiding with His people. It was where He proposed to speak to Moses face to face, as a friend. It […]

Tabernacle Prayer Pathway

Tabernacle prayer is a powerful pathway into God’s presence based on the revealed tabernacle plan as shown to Moses in the wilderness. This was the place where God’s very presence resided among His people. Above the mercy seat on the ark of the covenant we are told that God spoke intimately with Moses, just as […]

Journeys In The Tabernacle

One of the most profound things about Tabernacle and temple prayer is the reality that the heavenly tabernacle actually exists, and when we engage in practicing Tabernacle Prayer, we enter into somewhere very real. It is tangible, substantial and so real to one’s spirit that it deeply affects us in ways that cannot be fully […]